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 Welcome to my website devoted to aerial photography. 

When I created it I was far from imagining that close to 2,000,000 visitors would come knocking on this portal!  Coming as they do from 59 different countries: from the United States to Russia, from Peru to Dubai, from China to Brazil and from Canada to Lebanon, your expressions of friendship, as well as those of my own fellow countrymen, have reinforced my determination to share these beautiful, natural and sometimes surprising landscapes with you... as seen from the air. 

You can also read all about certain events, such as the "Fêtes de la mer" and follow up on urban developments, and important changes occurring in large agglomerations.

And you can also watch all kinds of videos in my "infolivierTV" section.

        I would like to thank all those who have helped me achieve this result.   It is a pity that local and regional authorities turned a deaf ear and refused to give me their backing or a grant...  At present I am contributing towards extending the reputation of this magnificent "Opal Coast" out of my own pocket, so please continue to stand by me, and bear witness to every slightest change in the future.

Enjoy your visit and please don't hesitate to add your comments in the "contact" section and make sure you come back often, as new pictures are added every week.

Thanks to Anne, Sam and Clément for their technical assistance.

*The use or reproduction of these photographs is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorized by their author.

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